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St. Johns Medical College & Hospital

St. Johns Medical College & Hospital is one of the leading healthcare providers, dedicated to preserving and restoring the health of its patients. St. Johns Medical College & Hospital provides righteous and proficient clinical care and treatment across all specialities skillfully sustained by diagnostics services that include imaging and laboratory-based, interventional facilities that remain reasonable and affordable. With around 40 departments working as a team, they provide for most conditions of their patients within their own establishment. Hospital facilities help them to provide for all health-related crises including those required in mass casualty incidents and catastrophe circumstances.

With its state-of-the-art technology, St. Johns Medical College & Hospital has improved the lives of its cancer patients.

St. Johns Medical College & Hospital was set up with a vision of being a leading healthcare facility that focuses on the advancement of patient health as well as the transformation of the lives of the mother and child we serve.

We aim to have an unmatched level of care that is completely accessible, patient-centred, with outstanding clinical quality. Further, the hospital hopes to devise an advanced, cost-effective healthcare model. The hospital has facilities to support the needs of all of its patients. We provide various healthcare solutions for various kinds of tumours and cancers, both solid and haematological.

The hospital ensures the patient’s health is maintained by providing basic care, surgeries, age-specific check-ups, cancer screening and many other things. Besides that, we aim to educate the masses on various types of cancer and why it is important to get tested as soon as possible. We emphasize the significance of early detection and how it helps both patients and doctors when treatment is approached at an early stage.

The medics at St Johns hospital strive to provide quality healthcare by the use of their adept medical proficiency, experience and technology. We also make sure that the doctor spends the right amount of time with every patient and treats them with utmost kindness, dignity, respect, and while also making them feel comfortable.

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