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This is one of the most common forms of cancer treatment. This procedure involves using potent drugs to kill the fast-growing cancer cells in our body. Doing this helps kill unwanted tumour cells, shrink a tumour before surgically removing it, or relieve cancer symptoms.

Chemotherapy is also said to be effective against bone marrow diseases and immune system disorders. Since chemotherapy involves using different kinds of drugs that are strong, it may bring about side effects based on the type of drug being used.



This type of treatment is also used in the treatment of cancers. This method of treatment involves boosting the body’s natural defence systems to fight cancer. This form of treatment focuses on the immune system rather than cancer directly.
Immunotherapy focuses on slowing or entirely stopping the growth of cancer cells or preventing it from spreading to different parts of the body. Some common forms of immunotherapy include Monoclonal antibodies and tumour-agnostic therapies, Non-specific immunotherapies, Oncolytic virus therapy, T-cell therapy or cancer vaccines.

Hormonal Therapy

Hormonal therapy is a cancer treatment that uses hormones to reduce or stop cancer growth. Hormone therapy, also known as hormone treatment, endocrine therapy, or hormonal therapy, is a type of treatment that involves the use of hormones. Hormone treatment is used to treat prostate and breast cancers that use hormones to grow. Hormone therapy is routinely combined with other cancer treatments.

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